Discovering Design

Sleek. Classy. Voga.

Voga wine comes straight from Italy through name and grape. This italian wine is encompassed by a sleek, straight, cylindrical glass bottle corked and then topped with a resealable cap. Not only is the wine delicious but the design of the bottle makes it look refreshing and classy. As I enjoy the taste and aroma of wine, I couldn’t help but notice how this wine design stands out among the shelves whenever I am looking for  a delicious wine. The vertically placed typography makes for an interesting design, while also being a very simple design. The use of typography opposed to illustration on a bottle can do very powerful things. In this case, it places hierarchy on the name of the wine, as well as making a simple design while still communicating the correct message and portrayal of the wine.

The Sparkling Wine collection

They have a very distinct design for their sparkling wine collection. I think this unique shape for a bottle as well as the white text on the clear glass makes for an absolutely stunning design. Although white text can sometime be difficult to read, I think that the design of “Voga” is more of an icon and can be recognized easily because of the size of the text on the bottle. This year I have made it a goal for myself to create simplistic classy designs where possible, because I am very much attracted to them. It feels motivating to see such beautiful designs like this one, and I know I am not the only designer who would by this wine just for its packaging.




I have spoken in other posts about the importance of blogging and the things a blog can help you accomplish. However I wanted to share another situation in which blogs can be both interesting, and informative in design as well as other fields. My sister Sarah is 22 years old, she left us three weeks ago, to move to Chandigarh India for one year. When she arrived to India she had been prepared to work a position helping people from India come to school in Canada for post secondary and masters programs. Many of us in Graphic Design at Conestoga also have an opportunity after third year to attend a school abroad for a Bachelor of Design. my sister had the opportunity to use her degree which she attainted at Wilfred Lauren University for a company in India. Like designers, we must be able to adapt to new clients and situations, my sister had to adapt to a completely different position in the company that what she was expecting. There are many pros and cons in the design world, one being that we deal with new jobs and clients every single day adapting and taking on new work. For my sister, it was completely new. She is adapting to a position where she deals with real estate and agriculture in India. Although this is not the field in which she specialized in over her course of education, she is adapting and taking on management and leadership roles in this company.

Over the course of this journey my sister is keeping in touch and telling her story along the way with a blog similar to this one. Every few weeks throughout the year I can view this blog and read about her experience as well as see pictures. Years ago we did not have the many sources of communication and social networking that we have today to be able to do this. Not only has her blog been a source of jotting down memories and experiences but it is a learning tool as well. Just by reading her blog, and speaking with her about what she has experienced thus far has taught me so much about India. I can only imagine how much she is learning throughout her journey. After sending Sarah off, and now hearing about all of the opportunities and obstacles she is facing is only motivating me more for Australia 2014.

Reading Week in a Land of Icecream

This reading week break will be spent constructing a book. This book will teach the polish language through simple words and descriptive illustration. I chose to do the polish language because I come from a polish background however I cannot speak polish and I thought while I am teaching this language, I would also be learning as well. Translating the story from english to polish was only one of the challenges. The next challenge I am facing over the next few weeks, is developing easily understandable illustrations that tell the stories themselves.

The story is about a little girl who visits the ice cream store in Poland and  must make a decision between all of the flavours. There is one spread dedicated to each flavour making that illustration an “ice cream world” to help each flavour. Their must be 12 illustrations to follow the requirements which are both cohesive and detailed. If I can I can meet the goal of teaching someone small words in polish, then my illustrations should be able to clearly tell the story just by looking at them.

What is Design to you? What is design to me?


I interviewed a friend of mine, Melissa. She is in a Fashion Merchandise and design program at Fanshawe College in London.

She said;

Biggest similarities: Using programs like Photoshop and illustrator, uses your creative side more than anything. Involves hands on work

Biggest difference: Although fashion merchandise has a lot of work…graphic design has a heavier work load. My program has a lot to do with the business side of fashion and designing dresses while graphic design has to do with the advertising and media side of fashion.
To my understanding graphic design is about designing labels for products, and posters for events.

Overall understanding of design: It requires a lot of drawing and creating. Not only at school but using almost all of your spare time to finish projects. It takes a really fine eye to do everything precise, and having the right measurements is key.

What are some well-known designers that you know of?  Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Isaac Mizrahi

Do you think the program you are taking could lead you into graphic design work? I believe my program could lead me to a job in designing but that is not the career I am wanting to go down. I would more likely enjoy doing something for a magazine or in photo styling.


It is very interesting to see someone else’s perspective on Graphic Design. It is clear that Melissa understands to some extent about what Graphic Design is all about, but mostly just the basics. I find that when talking to people, that average person doesn’t have a very clear understanding of what we do. After this conversation, I explained the program and industry more in detail in how it differs. However I was not aware that fashion merchandise also uses programs like Photoshop or illustrator. It was interesting hearing that, because graphic design also relies heavily on creativity as well as those programs.

Lobster Livin’


An interesting, innovative and truly comfortable chair design. The lobster chair is inspired by the exoskeletal of a Lobster. It just so happens that the exoskeletal of a lobster is a comfortably positioned lounge chair with sleek, elegant and classy look.  The chrome plate that creates a swivel feature for the chair also adds class to this chair. The form of this chair creates a sense of movement and is what makes the design successful, the careful inspiration from a lobster appears comfortable at first sight making it more easily sellable. The colours of the veneer plating make the design of a chair fitting for both a home or an office. This design is both unique and functional while encompassing texture. The shell of the lobster adds interest to this design while it still not being associated with a sea urchin. This leather chair is a comfortable lounge chair, in disguise.


For my packaging assignment, we were assigned the challenge of creating a package of simply nothing. In the sense that we need to create packaging that will support a cause. Through research I first chose an organization, The Ronald McDonald House. I researched what they did, and from there began to research what I could package. I decided to create packaging for a ceramic mug. Every mug that is sold, 2 dollars goes toward replenishing the toiletries in the Ronald McDonald houses. I began to design the package, finding great difficulty with the die line. The die line I was using had a very interesting die cut making it very difficult to base a design around. I began by  planning out space on the package for facts and information about the RHMC as well as a story of a family’s experience while utilizing one of the houses.

I decided I was going to keep the package simple, by using brown organic paper. I received criticism from both classmates and my professor on this project. Both people agreed that I should keep with the McDonald’s look and feel, or play off of their new McCafe line. I began trying to create with similar colour schemes and typefaces of McDonald’s in mind. A classmate critiqued how I was working with the RMHC logo with the die cut window. She said that it blocked off the space around the window awkwardly. I then decided to change the die cut in order to work more organically with the shape of the logo. However I became more and more frustrated with the die cut that I was trying to work with, so I decided on a new approach.

Once I did this ideas began to flow more easily. I have a new direction on the assignment using a box type die line that has a door opening. I am going to use a similar concept of the McDonald’s bags, using a red stripe on the brown paper, as well as a grayscale image. I received critique from another classmate on this new direction, and he agreed it would be a better direction. I came up with an idea of inserting a flap of paper on the opening of the door on the box for the mug that would outline how you can donate to the RMHC, also receiving positive critique. Before handing in the final product I recieved crtique from a few classmates. It helped me a great deal in improving my design. While telling a story of the family for the side of a package would be heartwarming, it ending up being too much writing for the side of a package when paired with the front. A classmate made a good comment that someone may not take the time to read something so large on the side of a package, with that in mind I decided to feature a special part of the poem with an image on the side of the package instead. It makes for a creative, and simple design that would fit in with other McDonald designs. Instead of completing scraping the idea of including a story, I included the story on the inside door panel of the package, perhaps each package would share a different story of how the Ronald McDonald House helped their family.


I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto recently and there were a number of displays and experiences that are worth sharing. First and for most, the gallery is so large that I did not make my way to every floor. There is so much to look at and experience and I would love to visit the gallery again. From 3D displays, to videos, paintings, and staircases the gallery is a huge source of inspiration.

I came across this display, and I never forgot it. It was a 3D display of a man’s face stretched. Although we could not touch the display, I walked up to view the display as closely as I could. The face was made of silicone materials resembling skin so realistically. All of the facial hair, eye brows, and hair on the display’s head was strategically placed in the pores of the silicone to mimic as closely as possible to the human face. I could not believe the realism in this stretched face, other than it’s size of course.

Another thing I found very interesting in the gallery was this winding staircase. Frank Gehry is the designer of this beautifully wooden crafted staircase. This form of traveling to one floor to another alone is a work of art. It draws attention off the strenuous climb while telling a story. Frank had a thought behind the staircase which is truly inspiring, and warms the hearts of people hearing it. He designed the staircase as a place for people to fall in love.

There were many more intriguing exhibits making it such an interesting and exciting visit and a very good experience over all.