Surface Illustration

by Julia Hummel

Our illustration project is to design something that can be placed on an interesting surface. I am feeling discouraged because I have brainstormed for hours, of many cool objects that can be illustrated on however I cannot settle on an object or a concept. I would like to come up with something unique yet cohesive in a set. Perhaps incorporating popular sayings into the design, and an illustration to follow. For example “Only the good die young” or “singing in the rain”, “Keep calm, have a cupcake”, “Let the good times roll”. Where do I even begin? Perhaps I need the visual inspiration of knowing what my surface will be, before I can allow my imagination to narrow into one, solid idea and plan.

Perhaps I will chose six different items, and have my illustration style and colour palette be what tie them together. I have the motivation to create something beautiful, however I am finding it difficult to settle on a great idea. There are so many great things that could be done with this project, its almost as if I do not want to waste it on a less then satisfactory design.

It seems as though for every project assigned there is a moment of “AH HA” were a great inspiration and idea comes to me, and everything seems to unravel after that. However having faith can sometimes be hard when were under tough deadlines as designers. I am going to spend the remainder of my day, walking in the sunshine, experiencing my surroundings, nature, great weather, and looking at different and interesting surfaces that can inspire me for this assignment, and hope for AH HA!