by Julia Hummel

Style — Something I have always been complimented on.

It is about having confidence, and being opened minded. It begins by knowing what colours look well together, and what colours coordinate. Having design in my background may help with this, however it has been something that has come naturally to me since I discovered the art of fashion.

It is also about not conforming to one particular style or trend. Many different pieces in my closet can be put together without falling under a general style category, making it my very own style. I also do not dress in the same style every single day, I dress based on my mood which gives variety to my look every day.

Step one:

Decide what kind of mood you are in. Some days, I feel like wearing something comfy, some days I feel like dressing up, and other days I feel like wearing something comfortable while still looking stylish.

Step two:

Coordinate colour. Sometimes colours that coordinate are not always obvious. For example—green denim pants with a denim button up dress shirt. This is where being open-minded can also come into play. If you do not try, you will never know.

Step three:

Once you have the basis of your outfit — a top and bottom. Next is spicing it up with accessories, whether it being a necklace, socks, stalkings, tights, earrings, headbands, rings, bracelets, scarves and belts. However there is a little bit of a learned art to notice what looks good and what doesn’t. For example — you would not wear a necklace with a very detailed shirt. However wearing a necklace with a loose-fitting shirt can be exactly what the shirt needs to dress it up or appear more fitted and less bare. A belt may also help with this.

Step four:

Next comes your choice of shoes. Boots? Flats? Heels? Sandals?

Many of these choices in fashion also depend on where it is you are going and what is appropriate. However my rule of thumb is that you can dress up your outfit a little bit in no matter what situation while still remaining appropriate. For example — you would never wear very high heels with short casual cut off shorts in the summer. However wearing heels with skinny jeans and a tank top out to the mall would be appropriate, casual but chic.

Becoming good at putting outfits and styles together comes from research like anything else, and a natural eye for what looks well together. It is about being confident and open to trying new things and putting them together. I also enjoy visiting different time periods into some of my outfits, making them unique. As well as branching out from shopping at the usual streamline stores, and getting out there to discover new treasures. Visit your local salvation army, one persons junk can be another persons treasure at an affordable price while still giving back to the community!