Success comes from something you love.

by Julia Hummel

Over the last week, I have been listening to a band intently and recognizing their beautiful talent. Last Wednesday night I was delighted to see they were visiting Waterloo as a part of their tour. I went and saw them at Maxwell’s house, a smaller venue owned by a graduate from Laurier . He began the small business and now holds musical workshops and live performance to support the his passion. He is successful and his ability to direct the skills he learned while attending Wilfred Laurier University toward something he absolutely loves, music is admirable.

I am not the only person who recognized Maxwell’s amazing story. After seeing the band at Maxwell’s house on that Wednesday night, I developed a friendship with the lead guitarist and vocalist where I was then invited to their show in Hamilton, one of the many places included in their tour. After speaking with him in Hamilton about Maxwell’s success, I learned the success that this young man has had for himself. A small group of musicians from Vancouver came together, and developed an album combining their beautiful voices and talents. He told me the story of him attending post secondary school for a course associated with travel and history where he just barely finished because the success of this band began to pick up. He took a leap in faith, and went on tour with this band, have been creating records since, and have now been together for five strong years.

Sometimes all we hear from our parents, peers, and elders is to “stay in school”. When really, I think our parents should be telling us “follow your dreams”. The reason I think this, is because I have more than enough friends who are in school for something they don’t enjoy, wasting thousands of dollars because they either don’t know what else they would like to do, or they are discouraged. Many of them believe they would not be able to make a career from something they love. Both Maxwell and the man I met at Maxwell’s stayed in school like I am sure their parents advised, however they took their skills in the direction of something they truly loved to do. Both people took a leap in faith, and it worked out so incredibly well for the both of them.

I truly believe that doing something you love, is much easier to become successful at then doing something you do not love. You are spending a lot of your life working to support yourself, so you might as well enjoy what you are doing. Throughout my career in highschool I read between the lines of my parent’s advice. Yes, I was advised to stay in school, and it was a bonus if I enjoyed what I was doing as well.

In grade ten, while working on a dvd cover in my Comtech class the stars had aligned. I worked on a few different designs for hours and hours, and time flew by before I knew it. The time flew because I was enjoying what I was learning and working on throughout the process. From this day, I began researching, talking to my teachers, which is when I discovered what Graphic Design was all about. With the motivation from family, teachers, peers, and the successful people I am meeting along the way each day, has helped me to strive through my education so that I am working toward something I love every single day.