My first Client Propsal

by Julia Hummel

This week I completed my very first client proposal. Once I finished the assignment, it put a large ‘real life factor’ into my brain. I can physically imagine myself as a designer writing many proposals. This helped me a lot to see it’s importance and it was refreshing to be able to relate this project to something essential that I will be doing throughout my career after school. I think the project was a really good learning process, I learned a lot about myself in the sense of the way I work through projects. It made be realistically see how long things would take me, how much it would cost the client, and how many things are involved in a project. Paying attention to every single step, and including them in this proposal helped me be able to schedule my time. I will take this over into other projects to help me manage my time realistically, as I have found in the past difficult to do so. 

Doing this project also helped me put into perspective my worth as a designer and why spec work is so ridiculous. When doing the activity to find out what I should be making as a freelance designer while budgeting our expenses in life as well as a salary. I discovered that if I were doing freelance as a graphic designer, I would be charging around 50$ / hour. Once I discovered this I was able to compare this with a “competition” we had been offered to join this week. The competition was to create a logo, website banner, and “something of our choice” and IF we won, the prize was 50$. After doing this project, and seeing what many of our talents are, this was laughable.

There are situations in which projects may be Pro bono, and supporting a good cause. It was a great eye opening activity for our class to do. I am beginning to be able to picture myself in the design world which is incredibly exciting while still being a little scary.