Strength and Weakness

by Julia Hummel

Every person has strengths and weakness in both their everyday lives, social lives, and professional lives. I find my biggest weakness could also be viewed as a strength. When working on a project I go through a series of steps, challenges, and emotions. In order to succeed and push past the obstacles it all depends on how I deal with my frustrations as well as my working habits. A weakness of mine is that I cannot continue with a project unless I am one hundred percent about the concept. I find myself thinking hard and deeply on my concept, as well as the style in which my design will be in before I can move forward. I find it difficult to design, unless I have a clear image in my mind about what my design is going to look like. In a way, I see this as a strength because it is clear that I care about think wisely about every single one of my design decisions, making it easier to rationalize  my design choices. However sometimes I find this hinders my creativity, and enables frustration in times where creativity is lacking. In the graphic design field, deadlines and working quickly and efficiently is one of the most important aspects.

In order for me to be the successful designer I strive to be, I must learn to work quickly and efficiently while still keeping my care, and focus on the concept and design. It is very important to pay attention to detail in design. Sometimes I find it difficult to check and double check assignments as well as pay attention and fix the tedious issues in a project. With strict deadlines it is difficult to catch everything, which is why it is detrimental to work quickly and efficiently and will be something I work at becoming better at.