Sleek. Classy. Voga.

by Julia Hummel

Voga wine comes straight from Italy through name and grape. This italian wine is encompassed by a sleek, straight, cylindrical glass bottle corked and then topped with a resealable cap. Not only is the wine delicious but the design of the bottle makes it look refreshing and classy. As I enjoy the taste and aroma of wine, I couldn’t help but notice how this wine design stands out among the shelves whenever I am looking for  a delicious wine. The vertically placed typography makes for an interesting design, while also being a very simple design. The use of typography opposed to illustration on a bottle can do very powerful things. In this case, it places hierarchy on the name of the wine, as well as making a simple design while still communicating the correct message and portrayal of the wine.

The Sparkling Wine collection

They have a very distinct design for their sparkling wine collection. I think this unique shape for a bottle as well as the white text on the clear glass makes for an absolutely stunning design. Although white text can sometime be difficult to read, I think that the design of “Voga” is more of an icon and can be recognized easily because of the size of the text on the bottle. This year I have made it a goal for myself to create simplistic classy designs where possible, because I am very much attracted to them. It feels motivating to see such beautiful designs like this one, and I know I am not the only designer who would by this wine just for its packaging.