Reading Week in a Land of Icecream

by Julia Hummel

This reading week break will be spent constructing a book. This book will teach the polish language through simple words and descriptive illustration. I chose to do the polish language because I come from a polish background however I cannot speak polish and I thought while I am teaching this language, I would also be learning as well. Translating the story from english to polish was only one of the challenges. The next challenge I am facing over the next few weeks, is developing easily understandable illustrations that tell the stories themselves.

The story is about a little girl who visits the ice cream store in Poland and  must make a decision between all of the flavours. There is one spread dedicated to each flavour making that illustration an “ice cream world” to help each flavour. Their must be 12 illustrations to follow the requirements which are both cohesive and detailed. If I can I can meet the goal of teaching someone small words in polish, then my illustrations should be able to clearly tell the story just by looking at them.