by Julia Hummel


I have spoken in other posts about the importance of blogging and the things a blog can help you accomplish. However I wanted to share another situation in which blogs can be both interesting, and informative in design as well as other fields. My sister Sarah is 22 years old, she left us three weeks ago, to move to Chandigarh India for one year. When she arrived to India she had been prepared to work a position helping people from India come to school in Canada for post secondary and masters programs. Many of us in Graphic Design at Conestoga also have an opportunity after third year to attend a school abroad for a Bachelor of Design. my sister had the opportunity to use her degree which she attainted at Wilfred Lauren University for a company in India. Like designers, we must be able to adapt to new clients and situations, my sister had to adapt to a completely different position in the company that what she was expecting. There are many pros and cons in the design world, one being that we deal with new jobs and clients every single day adapting and taking on new work. For my sister, it was completely new. She is adapting to a position where she deals with real estate and agriculture in India. Although this is not the field in which she specialized in over her course of education, she is adapting and taking on management and leadership roles in this company.

Over the course of this journey my sister is keeping in touch and telling her story along the way with a blog similar to this one. Every few weeks throughout the year I can view this blog and read about her experience as well as see pictures. Years ago we did not have the many sources of communication and social networking that we have today to be able to do this. Not only has her blog been a source of jotting down memories and experiences but it is a learning tool as well. Just by reading her blog, and speaking with her about what she has experienced thus far has taught me so much about India. I can only imagine how much she is learning throughout her journey. After sending Sarah off, and now hearing about all of the opportunities and obstacles she is facing is only motivating me more for Australia 2014.