What is Design to you? What is design to me?

by Julia Hummel


I interviewed a friend of mine, Melissa. She is in a Fashion Merchandise and design program at Fanshawe College in London.

She said;

Biggest similarities: Using programs like Photoshop and illustrator, uses your creative side more than anything. Involves hands on work

Biggest difference: Although fashion merchandise has a lot of work…graphic design has a heavier work load. My program has a lot to do with the business side of fashion and designing dresses while graphic design has to do with the advertising and media side of fashion.
To my understanding graphic design is about designing labels for products, and posters for events.

Overall understanding of design: It requires a lot of drawing and creating. Not only at school but using almost all of your spare time to finish projects. It takes a really fine eye to do everything precise, and having the right measurements is key.

What are some well-known designers that you know of?  Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Isaac Mizrahi

Do you think the program you are taking could lead you into graphic design work? I believe my program could lead me to a job in designing but that is not the career I am wanting to go down. I would more likely enjoy doing something for a magazine or in photo styling.


It is very interesting to see someone else’s perspective on Graphic Design. It is clear that Melissa understands to some extent about what Graphic Design is all about, but mostly just the basics. I find that when talking to people, that average person doesn’t have a very clear understanding of what we do. After this conversation, I explained the program and industry more in detail in how it differs. However I was not aware that fashion merchandise also uses programs like Photoshop or illustrator. It was interesting hearing that, because graphic design also relies heavily on creativity as well as those programs.