Lobster Livin’

by Julia Hummel


An interesting, innovative and truly comfortable chair design. The lobster chair is inspired by the exoskeletal of a Lobster. It just so happens that the exoskeletal of a lobster is a comfortably positioned lounge chair with sleek, elegant and classy look.  The chrome plate that creates a swivel feature for the chair also adds class to this chair. The form of this chair creates a sense of movement and is what makes the design successful, the careful inspiration from a lobster appears comfortable at first sight making it more easily sellable. The colours of the veneer plating make the design of a chair fitting for both a home or an office. This design is both unique and functional while encompassing texture. The shell of the lobster adds interest to this design while it still not being associated with a sea urchin. This leather chair is a comfortable lounge chair, in disguise.