by Julia Hummel

For my packaging assignment, we were assigned the challenge of creating a package of simply nothing. In the sense that we need to create packaging that will support a cause. Through research I first chose an organization, The Ronald McDonald House. I researched what they did, and from there began to research what I could package. I decided to create packaging for a ceramic mug. Every mug that is sold, 2 dollars goes toward replenishing the toiletries in the Ronald McDonald houses. I began to design the package, finding great difficulty with the die line. The die line I was using had a very interesting die cut making it very difficult to base a design around. I began by ¬†planning out space on the package for facts and information about the RHMC as well as a story of a family’s experience while utilizing one of the houses.

I decided I was going to keep the package simple, by using brown organic paper. I received criticism from both classmates and my professor on this project. Both people agreed that I should keep with the McDonald’s look and feel, or play off of their new McCafe line. I began trying to create with similar colour schemes and typefaces of McDonald’s in mind. A classmate critiqued how I was working with the RMHC logo with the die cut window. She said that it blocked off the space around the window awkwardly. I then decided to change the die cut in order to work more organically with the shape of the logo. However I became more and more frustrated with the die cut that I was trying to work with, so I decided on a new approach.

Once I did this ideas began to flow more easily. I have a new direction on the assignment using a box type die line that has a door opening. I am going to use a similar concept of the McDonald’s bags, using a red stripe on the brown paper, as well as a grayscale image. I received critique from another classmate on this new direction, and he agreed it would be a better direction. I came up with an idea of inserting a flap of paper on the opening of the door on the box for the mug that would outline how you can donate to the RMHC, also receiving positive critique. Before handing in the final product I recieved crtique from a few classmates. It helped me a great deal in improving my design. While telling a story of the family for the side of a package would be heartwarming, it ending up being too much writing for the side of a package when paired with the front. A classmate made a good comment that someone may not take the time to read something so large on the side of a package, with that in mind I decided to feature a special part of the poem with an image on the side of the package instead. It makes for a creative, and simple design that would fit in with other McDonald designs. Instead of completing scraping the idea of including a story, I included the story on the inside door panel of the package, perhaps each package would share a different story of how the Ronald McDonald House helped their family.