by Julia Hummel

I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto recently and there were a number of displays and experiences that are worth sharing. First and for most, the gallery is so large that I did not make my way to every floor. There is so much to look at and experience and I would love to visit the gallery again. From 3D displays, to videos, paintings, and staircases the gallery is a huge source of inspiration.

I came across this display, and I never forgot it. It was a 3D display of a man’s face stretched. Although we could not touch the display, I walked up to view the display as closely as I could. The face was made of silicone materials resembling skin so realistically. All of the facial hair, eye brows, and hair on the display’s head was strategically placed in the pores of the silicone to mimic as closely as possible to the human face. I could not believe the realism in this stretched face, other than it’s size of course.

Another thing I found very interesting in the gallery was this winding staircase. Frank Gehry is the designer of this beautifully wooden crafted staircase. This form of traveling to one floor to another alone is a work of art. It draws attention off the strenuous climb while telling a story. Frank had a thought behind the staircase which is truly inspiring, and warms the hearts of people hearing it. He designed the staircase as a place for people to fall in love.

There were many more intriguing exhibits making it such an interesting and exciting visit and a very good experience over all.