by Julia Hummel

Untited; of book, composition or artistic work having no name. This blog is untitled, because of where I stand on current projects, and reflects my current state when it comes to a creative mind.

This truly is a weekend where a creative mind is facing one of the most difficult obstacles, being creative. It’s times like this where the motivation is there, but the creativity is not. It is a very difficult task to be creative on demand especially when there are many things on one’s mind. I have been assigned for my illustration class to create a short story teaching another language with the help of illustrations as well as words. In the beginning I was very excited for this assignment, however tonight I am finding it very difficult to be satisfied for an idea for the plot of the story. I feel as though the most successful way to begin this assignment, is with the story so that the illustrations can then flow. I originally was going to write a story in polish, about a character having a dream and while in the dream she visits different places therefor teaching someone in polish different areas of town. I also thought about making the short story about a character getting lost in town and visiting these places. Once I discovered a language in which this story would be created, helped with my brainstorming for an illustrative style. I decided to base the illustrations off of the nesting doll babooshka for my characters. However, I am finding great difficulty in beginning the story, and am beginning to think that I would like to change the plot of the story. This is a very challenging project in the sense that we must be able to clearly communicate something in another language through illustration. Will the plot stay the same? Will I completely change my illustration style? We will see by Thursday.