Sleek, Sexy, and Classy Business cards.

by Julia Hummel

As I was working on a project and doing research I came across gorgeous business card design on a website called Fresh Business cards. These business cards all had one thing in common that made them classy, professional and sleek, the art of the letterpress. While looking at these business cards, I remembered that eventually a personal identity would eventually need to be created once I become a designer. Having that in mind, I was really attracted to their letterpress designs. Both designs that include colour, as well as no colour, make for very interesting and elegant designs. They can make a simple design high-class, and beautiful while still being interesting. I look forward to creating my own business card and personal identity next year in 3rd year. Since looking at this website, ideas have come to mind as to what I hope for my business card. I think I will use a combination or letterpress or embossing, as well as a matte and gloss finish. I would love to have an opportunity to use a letterpress myself one day, and perhaps I can incorporate a similar technique into my next assignment. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes design so exciting and interesting!