The Challenge of a Beer Label

by Julia Hummel

The project assigned, was to create a beer label for a 25-50 year old upper middle class male. The beer would be a standard 12 ounce size with deep roots, brewed in small batches as a higher quality beer. After hours of brainstorming and researching brewing companies I began to create an image in my mind about how I would like my beer label to look. Now the challenge was to get my ideas out onto paper. I began the project by choosing the brewing company from Toronto Hop City. I first discovered this brewing company at my part-time job because we sell Hop City’s Lawn chair beer on tap. Lawn Chair is a patio beer with fruit infused flavours similar to Rickard’s white. Once I had chosen a brewing company I began to brainstorm beers that could appeal to an average professional business man. This began my journey through a brand that may have been created, ‘Office Chair”. I wanted to play off the idea of Lawn Chair being a patio beer, where Office Chair would be an after work, ‘let loose’ kind of beer. However through further brainstorm of typefaces and illustration I strayed away from the idea. The idea of the beer being called office chair could work negatively in my favour in the sense that some people would want to get away from the office, and there for may not be attracted to a beer with the word ‘office’ in the title.

The Photo above is a very rough version of Office Chair.

From here, I went in a completely different direction while keeping some of the same aesthetics that I had  in mind. In my research I was most attracted to clear beer bottles with sticker labels. So while I had planned to do this for my Office Chair label, I stayed with the same idea for my new label. I began by brainstorming a new name for the label and later developing a style. I thought of the name “Bruha” which actually comes from the german name of an old family of beer brewers. While establishing the location in which the beer would be brewed helped me in brainstorming what the import beer would look like as well as the brewing company. I named the brewing company Hupfen which means Hop in German. My next step, and the step I am still trying to establish is what this beer label is going to look like. Currently I am playing with different colour schemes mostly using red for the title of my beer. I am looking for inspiration in other places like german cigarette packages while still communicating the overall feel. This label will hopefully make for a successful, attractive, clear and classy looking beer label.


The photo above is my work in progress for the new label