Small town girl

by Julia Hummel

Being a graphic design student in a small town has its pros and cons. First off, I couldn’t have chosen a better school to attend for this program. Conestoga has been such an amazing experience so far. The professors are amazing designers with creative minds always willing to push us to do our very best. Conestoga’s Graphic Design program has such an amazing reputation which makes me very proud to be apart of the community. My classes contain 30 amazing people who I have grown so close to, that I could call family. Each and every one of us can say that we have endured blood, sweat and tears together. When talking to some other design students for example a friend of mine, Dan who goes to school in Toronto. I believe that the environment of such a small classroom has so many more benefits than a larger class. It is important to have personal critiques with classmates and teachers in order to improve on work. It is much easier for teachers to help students in a class of 30 opposed to a lecture hall of 100 or more. The classes are much more hands on, opposed to theory based which in my opinion is preparing us more realistically for the design industry. Another factor that helps to such a great experience at Conestoga is the designated work space that we have. Larger city schools like Toronto are not as privileged. However I know first hand how difficult the transportation is in smaller cities such as Kitchener/Waterloo, where has transportation is much more convenient in Toronto. There are always wonderful things going on in Toronto, and being in a larger city such as Toronto gives you access to some of the most beautiful art museums, and design studios. Kitchener students sometimes need to travel to events such as this. These events could definitely aid in networking and getting yourself out there which larger city schools sometimes have right in the palm of their hands.

When it comes to being out in the real world I don’t know many of the pros and cons first hand about smaller cities. However through presentations and interviews it has been brought to my attention that both have its advantages, and it all depends on the personality type of the designer. Some designers better suit smaller agencies which could enable more opportunity for junior designers to interact directly with clients, as well as taking on more work and opportunities. Larger design firms tend to designate work differently and the ¬†chances of dealing with the client directly are much less. However larger city design firms enable more design work which could help to gain more knowledge and experience over a wider range of projects.