The Service Industry

by Julia Hummel


While a summer job can seem exactly just as that, every single job can somehow be relevant to an overall career goal. As a student at Conestoga College, I work as a server at a restaurant part time during the school year, and full time during the summer. The service industry is a difficult industry to work in however is not always appreciated for it worth. On a daily basis as a server I am utilizing customer service skills, time management and public speaking skills. Although sometimes I get discouraged at the fact that I am being paid for a minimum wage job while encompassing Graphic Design skill, I realize how far I have come since being a server. Serving has really helped me to stay on top of tasks, be on time, pay attention to detail, as well as dealing with people who aren’t always pleasant. All of these aspects to this job will help to serve me once I am apart of the Graphic Design industry. Talking to people in general has become much easier which has helped to make me a much more approachable person as well as a more confident speaker.