by Julia Hummel

Blogs, a new form of social networking that has just expanded over the last few years. People and more importantly designers are becoming more and more well known because of it. A public way of getting your name, art work, or opinion out there. Which brings me to this site I was drawn to sometime during the summer. This blog was fairly new at the time, and when I heard about it from a friend I decided to see what it was all about. With a comedic writing style, this blogger writes about fads, and very factual things about so called ‘betches’ which may seem as a stereotype but once you begin reading you realize how sarcastically, and hilariously true some of the writing is. Each and every single one of us can relate to one of these ‘betches’ in our life. The important part about all of this, is how big this has become. I heard about this from a friend, and now this “Betches love this site” blog has expanded all over facebook. It constantly comes up in my newsfeed, which only means that it is popping up in other peoples news feeds all of the time. These bloggers are gaining more and more success by the simple idea of exposing our thoughts, judgements/fads in a comedic, exaggerated and sarcastic way. This is a great example of how blogging can really bring good publicity and success. I’m sure when this site was started, they had no idea the success it would bring, and could have merely began as a fun passed time that would bring laughs to females in front of their computer screens all over the world. What can be taken a way from this? Some of us were asking the question at the beginning of the year, why blog? The answer: Because it is a way of communicating and being heard by people all over the world, a networking strategy, and a way of getting your name out there whether it be a career in writing, or making your design portfolio known.

Adding to the publicity, take a look at the site if you would like a good laugh.