Light and Life

by Julia Hummel

I was browsing the internet when I came across this photography. I fell in love. I am still new to photography, but each and every single one of Brooke Shaden’s photo caught my eye and intrigued me. Soon I learned that Brooke is also solving a problem, she brings her subjects to life in her photography creating unique and interesting photos simply by using form and motion. I love the way Brooke captures movement, and incorporates odd angles not in her camera positioning but in the positioning of her models. In some of her photos, it takes you a second or to figure out the realism of the photo because of how unique the models movements are. It is almost as if these subjects are supernatural or from another realm, that is how spectacular she makes them.  In reality they are every day positions caught in time, and made unique. Brooke is unique in that she creates photos that are supposed to resemble paintings of another era. Not only does it take a keen eye to take a successful photograph, but it takes a creative one to position people in a way that Brooke did to accomplish these photographs. These photos truly inspired me, Brooke takes photography to another level of creativity. Please let your eyes wonder and take a look at her other photographs.