by Julia Hummel

Axel Peeoemeller created a visually interesting way of communicating information in an underground parking lot. He used distorted letters to read as a message when standing at a particular angle. He won many awards for this design. The design remains in the Eureka Carpark in Melbourne Australia. While most parking garage info signage is usually uninteresting, small, and difficult to read —Alex brought the average concrete wall parking garage to life with a little bit of colour and letterforms. The uniqueness of this design makes a parking garage one to remember due to the simplicity to most. To me, Design is a problem that needs solving and we as designers attempt to solve that problem in an interesting visually appealing way. Alex was able to solve this design problem in a creative but clearly legible way while also finding a way for the design to act as an artistic element for the bland concrete walls when viewed at another angle.