Can we stray away?

by Julia Hummel

This simple toothpaste design created by Sang Min Yu is not only innovative but visually attractive as well. This design successfully solves a problem, however will this design solve the problem of selling above other competing toothpaste?

This toothpaste design not only solves the problem of struggling to get that last drop of toothpaste, but the design is less wasteful than the average toothpaste and reduces shipping costs too! There is no need now for a tube of toothpaste and it’s box packaging, the tube is now the box. However will this design be successful enough to sell on the shelves? The overall message the new toothpaste container communicates is attractive, however will the average person be open to using a tooth paste packaged by a ‘box’ so to speak. There has always been something about plastic that delivers a more sterile clean feel, that this new design does not encompass. Although we consume other products packaged by Tetra Pak, like milk, I still have a hard time imagining people straying away from tube toothpaste. While this design is one step in the right direction to getting out wasteful world in shape, It would be interesting to see how this product would survive on a shelf.  Read more about the design.