Creative Appreciation

by Julia Hummel

It takes a creative eye to appreciate a bedroom designed like this. The design on the walls is very edgy and rare. It would take a very creative person to have the courage to decorate their bedroom like this. Not to say it isn’t a wonderful design, because it is. The beautiful line work, creative characters, and the incorporation of light into the design makes for a unique and interesting art piece. The reason I say it would take courage to design a room like this, is because it is very bold. A room like this does not appeal to everyone, however what a beautifully creative statement to say about yourself. I wish I could draw a beautiful design like this on the walls of my bedroom, it is a self expression for a room that is purely your own. Although this is just a bedroom, it speaks volumes to  me and can be interpreted in different ways. I think the boldness of this bedroom is what makes it so wonderful and unique. At first it feels like taking a step out of your comfort zone, but once you can do that you can appreciate this decorated bedroom truly for what it is, a work of art. Want to see more of Camille Scherrer’s designs?