You can have your bread and eat it too!

by Julia Hummel

You can have your cake bread and eat it too!

Brainstorming, mind maps, sketches, doodles, writing, journal entries, design. Every single one of these words, can be linked to paper. Paper is one of the most important tools to people today. As a designer one of my most important tools is my notebook or my sketch book. This designer came up with a design for notebooks, one for every month, designed to look like bread. The 12 notebooks even come in a bag designed like one which would hold bread. The notebook is always the starting point, if you can find a good notebook, the ideas, words, or images begin to flow. I really enjoy the idea that the designer created 12 notebooks for every package thinking that each notebook could be for every month. It encourages people to write often, or even draw often, just like this blog assignment. This designer took the idea of selling more then one notebook to the next level by creating the notebooks as something that comes in ‘bulk’ so to speak. I really enjoy the design and look of each slice of bread as a notebook, as well as the simplistic design of that of a bread package. Not only are they interesting looking, but they are a convenient size fitting comfortably in your hand or in your back pocket. Take a look at the notebooks!