How Would You Spend The Last Days With Your Father?

by Julia Hummel

I came across this beautiful visual diary of the last days that Phillip Toledano spent with his father. Phillip truly brought this story to life in his writing, as well as his beautiful photography. I instantly felt warmth, inspired, captured, and amazed by the emotions that were caused by a few simple sentences or a couple of pictures. A successful strategy to good design, is evoking emotion. This imagery tells a story, and makes the viewer feel as though they know these people. This enables people to empathize with the subject. The simplistic design and layout of type and bleed photos has a very attractive and sophisticated look which compelled me to read Phillip’s work. This was truly inspiring to read, and a very creative and thoughtful way to remember a loved one. The unique stories have a sense of humour that can bring a smile to anyones face with the realization of how important family is. You can purchase this book on amazon, I encourage you to read this short story.