Live What You Love

by Julia Hummel

Live what you love. Isn’t that everyone’s goal? To work toward finding something we can do for the rest of our lives that we love to do?  What is worse then waking up every single morning, to dread going to your place of employment, in order to work to be able to support yourself? This is why I am in graphic design. I want to live what I love, and what I love to do, is design. Similar to myself, Debbie is working toward, and has worked toward living what she loves. Debbie Smyth is a graduate of Contemporary Textiles. That is the beauty of education, it threads off into so many paths for you to take once you are finished (pun intended). Debbie’s path of contemporary textiles literally lead her to thread. She developed an artistic eye for strategically positioning pins in a way to thread, thread through them to make artworks of everyday life while at the same time giving the work a sense of movement. I hope one day, no matter what path in which Graph Design leads me, that I am eager and motivated to wake up and go to work every single morning.

Interested in reading more about Debbie or watching a video about what she does?