by Julia Hummel

This 101 page book by Eva Lotta-Lam was a brilliant idea. Eva compiled a book of notes from design events, speakers, and panelists. The entire book reminds me of a mind map of all of these designers thoughts. The book has a very interesting design to it with information that can be quite useful and inspiring. Not only can the book simply just be interesting to look at all the imagery making up a mind map, but the content is interesting as well. I like the idea that this book provides some advice for other designers, and explains their design process. I do enjoy the casual element to the book with the typeface and layout of the design. However I found some of the pages very difficult to understand. Partly due to the legibility of the hand written material as well as the arrange ability of an already complex mind map. Sometimes even myself as a design will go back through notes a mind map I have written from weeks ago and it takes me a while to work back through and try to figure out exactly what the concept was looking like in my head. Sometimes it is a very difficult task to try to communicate the jumble of thoughts and concepts in your head onto paper. With that in mind, i think Eva did a good job of making this large book of compiled mind maps interesting enough that someone would want to sit down and work through someone else’s mental process. It can be very inspiring and interesting listening to other designers talk about their design experiences but sometimes we cannot make it to all of these events. Eva provides us with an interesting way of getting that information without having to make it to every design event. If you would like to look through someone the pages, or visit the website check it out!