Design God Gabriel

by Julia Hummel

Gabriel Moreno created these extremely creative illustrations. The unique hand drawn line work, colourful geometric shapes, and a mix of grayscale images with a splash of colour makes for a very interesting portrait. Moreno graduated from Fine Arts at the University of Sevilla in 1998 and was selected by a London Based magazine Computer Arts which is where his career began. He is becoming more well known working in national agencies and international publications.

He creates these designs by etching and stamping with one colour. The designs are creative, full of pattern and intricate line work. Not only is this a successful piece of artwok, but a design and advertising element as well. Moreno has created illustrations for Nike’s global campaigns, as well as for the brand of Shoes Vogele. Moreno played with his illustrations as well as incorporating a real life element better suiting a shoe advertisement design as well a unique memorable and eye catching design.


Moreno has had a number of opportunities, from mens health magazines, the Wall Street Journal, Brizo’s new faucet campaign, a United Nations campaign, and many more. Gabriel Moreno is a successful artist and design with an admirable technique. His creative ability has brought success to companies all over the world when it comes to advertising. Moreno creates something versatile and beautiful to look at.