What would we do without “Oj”

by Julia Hummel

There  was a lot of controversy over the redesign of Tropicana by the Arnell Group. Many disliked the new packaging for the juice product causing a lot of negative press for the product. Although many packaging has gone through redesign, tropicana holds proprietor over its package. The design of the straw poking through the fresh orange is a Tropicana’s extremely successful trademark. This trademark is what sells the fresh orange juice to customers when compared to other juice brands. Taking the image of the orange with the straw out of the design, is where tropicana lost the loyalty of their customers.

In my opinion the new version of tropicana is very attractive. The orange inspired carton cap is a unique and innovative design that ads personality to the package. I think the package has very clean and sophisticated look which I find very attractive. With keeping a similar colour palette also helped to be recognized as tropicana. Although I think that the newer package is still an attractive design, I can agree that taking out the fresh orange was a mistake. Tropicana is known for the orange with a straw in it, not only in packages, but in ad’s and commercials as well. The successful design promotes a fresh orange juice more succesfully that a brand with just a glass of orange juice. By taking that unique image out, and conforming to a generic glass of orange juice is where the redesign failed in my opinion. Perhaps a newer sleeker, cleaner package combined with the familiarity of the fresh orange would have be more successful, for exmaple bringing in the unique orange cap into a new design, or simply different and unique dieline would be interesting to see

If you would like to read more about this redesign, visit the dieine.com