Finding Connections

by Julia Hummel

As I was browsing and doing research, I came across a design association called AIGA. AIGA is a design association loacated all over the world, bringing together a melting pot of designers, techniques, styles, and cultures. AIGA is about exposing the creative process decisions, and back work put into the great works of graphic designers seen every single day.  AIGIA offers a membership to any level whether it be student, or creative director. The membership provides resources, connections, and networking oppurtunities. A community like this can enable many opportunities as well as creating strong bonds through competitions, local conferences and events by working with other people all over the world.

By coming across this association it made me want to read more about the associations we have locally that promote design at a professional level with networking oppurtunities. This brought me to RGD | Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario. RGD was created to certify Graphic Designers at a level to which would be viewed as exceptional. Like AIGA, RGD provides networking opportunities through conferences, events, as well as providing certified graphic designers with job oppurtunities. RGD helps to get designers involved in the design community also assisting designers in becoming known. RGD brings value to the world of design making those aware of the importance of what we do as designers, as well as giving direction to new designers concerning their significance and prohibiting spec work.