by Julia Hummel

Concepts, thumbnails, and ideas. The start to every designers creative process. What happens if one day you are feeling incredibly uninspired? No matter how much time you spend staring at a blank piece of paper, the ideas just will not flow. Every designer at one time or another faces a creative block. For myself, it is that day, I have the choice of giving up for the night, or not giving up. Instead of wasting precious hours staring at a computer screen, I decided to find a way to get inspired. When you are facing a creative design block with a close approaching deadline only some of these solutions I found useful. However some of these solutions could be used in advanced of a project deadline in order to begin creative process. As a designer I find it extremely important to be well rested, otherwise irritable moods tend to bring on uninspiring moods. I also find it very important to be in a positive comfortable atmosphere without distraction. Sometimes even in the most comfortable settings we find it nearly impossible to come up with a design we feel good about.  A solution that sometimes helps me is sitting down with someone to talk to them about my ideas, whether it be a friend, sibling, or professor. One of my professors suggested reading this blog over the summer, and I instantly felt inspired reading it. It has many life design lessons which I agree to also be very important. As an addition to Mogedesign I would like to include a blog that personally gets me inspired that could help you get inspired!

I came across a number of solutions on Mogdesign Blog that may help those designers get inspired.


Watch some inspirational movies, trailers, short videos. Watch some awesome Typography motion videos


Read at least one of many great design/development books. Read biography of inspiring people who changed their world and stories of successful businesses


Get inspired by reading some great design related blogs. You will find many great design resources, reviews, showcases of great designs, design tutorials and much more.


Twitter can be a great source of inspiration with thousands of links tweeted every hour.

Search for hashtags #inspiration #inspired #design #webdesign on search


Nature is amazingly beautiful. Go to mountains or beach, look at the flowers, watch the animals and bugs and you will get inspired. You will (almost) never go wrong with a color scheme created from nature. Take a look at some inspiring color schemes created from nature.

Art Gallery

Go to gallery or a museum and see the art of great artists, that inspired people for hundreds of years. Learn about their background, find out more about the artist. Study their techniques. Try to feel the atmosphere of the paintings.

CSS Galleries

CSS showcase galleries are always a great source of inspiration. Look at the best designs from all around the globe, see the work of world’s best designers and get inspired


Sleep, go out for a walk, watch people in the streets, get some fresh air, play some sport. Seriously, tired body and tired mind is like a barrier for your inspiration stream. Staying awake till 4am, trying to make that design, then sleeping for 3 hrs and getting back to your desk will not make it. Also make sure you drink enough water every day.


Music is powerful. It can get you in the right mood. As a musician, music plays important role in my life. I love listening to a smooth jazz or funky-drum’n’base when designing. It helps me to get away from the world around me and to focus on the task.