A Designers Most Valuable Tool

by Julia Hummel

As it was brought to our attention, Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011 at the young age of 56 after battling cancer for several years. Steve Jobs is the founder and maker of one of the most important tools for designers today. Him and his partner made computers smaller, cheaper and intuitive. From the first apple computer to the newest ipad and iphone, Steve has created and expanded our world of technology and design as well. Steve created a product that is now looked upon as a loyal, and trusted tool which is why the iphone, ipod, and series of mac computers have been so successful. Senior Editorial Designer Dyan C. Lathrop from Good Design wrote;

“Any interaction we have with Apple products is a direct result of incredible systems-design thinking, and that continuity and execution was a hallmark of Jobs’ career.”

This statement just solidifies the fact that Steve Job has had an effect on every single one of us especially as designers who use Apple Macintosh computers daily. What would we do without our computers? Steve Job’s thinking and ability design shines through designs like the spin wheel on the ipod, the trackpad on the macbook, and the memorable design of the touch screens on the iphones and ipads. Steve Job’s passed away knowing he made an imprint on technology and many of using Apple products daily.

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