Kitchen Gadgets and Gizmos

by Julia Hummel

This “Cook it Kitchen Gadget” packaging campaign was created and directed toward students to give the impression that these are easily operated kitchen appliances. In turn this encourages students to cook homemade meals, as well as making it more accessible and easy for them to do so. The simplistic icons on the package helps to communicate this message toward the target audience as well as making the product quickly and easily recognizable for what it is. The symbols, labels, and colours all contribute to the minimalist feel to this package. The package’s message comes across quickly and easily just like the appliance is supposed to be. I like the idea of a kitchen gadget being geared toward the student market due to the fact that there has been a growing rate of obesity in students because of eating out and lack of exercise. Marketing an easy, quick, appliance will hopefully give off a positive aura toward cooking homemade meals opposed to eating quick unhealthy processed foods, and eating out. I am mainly drawn to this package design for its simple, clean, crisp look and feel as well as the fact that this product can be easily used by myself, as a student.