A Love For Lumber

by Julia Hummel

Tugboat Printshop

Handmade! Original! Intriciate!
Image: TugBoat Printshop 

Married couple, Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth have worked as a team to develop The Tugboat Printshop. Tugboat Printshop is responsible for creating unique traditional woodcuts by hand. This couple works together through a series of steps and tools to create decorative, intricate woodcuts which are then printed onto paper while using oil ink and a 36″ x 52″ Conrad Machine Co. Etching Press. The Tugboat Printshop has been creating and developing in Pittsburg since 2006. Paul and Valerie both come from creative background and have a keen eye when it comes to woodcut and design. The process of woodcut and moveable type began with Johannes Gutenberg, Paul and Valerie revive this style, bring originality back into their design, and bring the fine art of unique woodcut that cannot be replaced by technology back to life. Tugboat Printshop holds exhibits all over the word for people to admire and purchase. Valerie and Paul feature one of kind drawings on their website for sale as well as woodcuts, etchings, and much more. If you would like to admire their talents, please take a look at their website.