by Julia Hummel

Our Graphic Design program has been introduced to a website called threadless. Threadless is a website featuring numerous amounts of graphic t-shirts, from a dancing piece of toast, to a coffee mug with a personality. This website is designed for people to submit their work to be made on a t-shirt for anyone around the world to buy. This website invites people from all over the world to participate in this growing fashion. Not only are we invited to purchase t-shirts, we are encouraged to submit designs to see one of our very own on a t-shirt. Threadless holds t-shirt contests as well as opportunities to score on other people’s designs to be made into a shirt. The positive outcome of submitting a t-shirt idea? The threadless community will score and comment on your design, if it is then chosen to become part of the threadless collection you earn $2,500 cash!  Not only is this an awesome way of getting your design out there, but a way to receive feedback from people all over the world as well. The variety of designs, styles, and creativity gives this website a unique reputation and can be a great source of inspiration for future projects.

Check out the site!