People Made Paper

by Julia Hummel

Image: Design Boom

Russian designers Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Echrlich are two wildly creative designers, especially when it comes to paper. I came across their paper sculptures “Paper Too” and was astonished by the intricate detail, technique and design. The style of the famous icons brought to life by paper was not only the admirable part, but the scenes, lighting and photography as well. I happen to enjoy the sense of realism within the paper sculptures with a twist of creative style in which the paper brings to the artwork. As a designer who has worked with paper sculpture, I am able to appreciate the time it takes to create something like this. Paper sculpture is a difficult, timely, and elaborate style of design, but can have a very rewarding outcome. Lyapunov and LenaEchrlich prove to be very talented with paper sculpture and should be viewed and admired. For further admiring of their work please visit,

Design Boom