The Key to Keeping Creativity Flowing, words from Stephan Sagmeister

by Julia Hummel

Every seven years Stephan Sagmeister closes off his studio for a year, and takes time off to relax, and regenerate creativity and ideas. He explains the idea that we spend 25 years learning, 40 years working, and 15 years to retire. He brings up an interesting point to span out 5 of those retirement years in between those working years in order to produce new, unique, successful ideas opposed to creating similar ideas over again. I really appreciate Sagmeister view-point on time off. I believe everyone needs a rejuvenation period when it comes to being creative. The experiences, knowledge, and changes that happen over a year can help your growth as a designer, change and influence your style, technique, and expand your range of design. As a designer I have benefited from just taking 20 minutes out of a day to get some fresh air in-between working, as well as a four-month summer break. I find it much more enjoyable and comfortable to express new creative, innovative and more importantly successful ideas. I believe that it is very important for everyone as a designer to make time to relax and let the creativity flow!

Video fromt; TED Ideas worth spreading